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Penny Black 50 Pence Coin

Unique 'Pearl Black' proof finish.

The Penny Black was the World's first adhesive postage stamp used in the public postage system. This iconic and world renowned stamp was first issued on the 1st of May in 1840.

To celebrate its 180th Anniversary, HM Government of Gibraltar is pleased to issue the World’s first Blackened 50 Pence coin to mark this special occasion.

Presented in a Special Anniversary Pack.

Issue Limit: 7,500.

Denomination: Fifty Pence
Diameter: 27.30mm
Weight: 8.00gms
Type of Metal: Cupro Nickel Diamond Finish

Rock of Gibraltar - £20 Circulating Silver Coin

H.M. Government of Gibraltar is pleased to announce the issue of the 'Rock of Gibraltar' £20 circulating silver coin to commemorate the 310th Anniversary of the Capture of Gibraltar in 1704 and as part of the Gibraltar National Day celebrations.

The obverse of the coin depicts the effigy of Her Majesty the Queen with the words "Elizabeth II Queen of Gibraltar" and the year of issue "2014".The reverse of the coin depicts an image of the Rock of Gibraltar and the words "310th Anniversary of the Capture of Gibraltar in 1704".

The coin is 38.60mm in diameter and has been minted in fine silver with a weight of one troy ounce.

Denomination: Twenty Pounds
Diameter: 38.60mm
Weight: 31.1035gms
Type of Metal: Silver
Maximum 20 coins per order

Winston Churchill - We Shall Never Surrender - £20 Circulating Coin

A Twenty Pound Currency Coin has issued depicting Winston Churchill and bearing an extract of one of his defining speeches from June 1940 during the Second World War. An extract of the following paragraph is included on the reverse of the coin:-

‘We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender’. The Coin will be minted in Fine Silver, one troy ounce in weight and 40mm in diameter.

The Reverse will depict Winston Churchill and the words “we shall never surrender” and the value of the coin

Denomination: Twenty Pounds
Diameter: 40mm
Weight: 31.1035gms
Type of Metal: Silver
Maximum 20 Coins per order

Austrian Silver Philharmonic - €1.50 Coin

The Austrian Philharmonic silver coin is a beautifully minted legal tender coin. It is produced by the Austrian Mint in Vienna, which is internationally recognized for delivering exceptional coins for more than 800 years. This silver bullion coin is the best-selling silver coin in Europe and fully backed by the EU.

The Austrian Philharmonic 1 oz silver coin is stamped with a €1.50 value, however the actual value of the coin is based upon current silver market rates. This coin is a favourite among collectors looking for a highly liquid asset that is easily converted to a cash currency.

Perhaps the most notable aspect the Austrian Philharmonic is exquisite beauty. First produced in 2002, the Philharmonic was designed by artisan Thomas Pensendorfer. The obverse of the coin features an array of orchestral instruments and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra written in German. The reverse design depicts the iconic Great Organ of Vienna’s Golden Hall, which is where the philharmonic plays. Additionally, it is stamped with the legal value in Euros, the net weight, and the coin’s purity.

Denomination: 1.5 Euros
Diameter: 37mm
Weight: 31.1035gms
Type of Metal: Silver
Maximum 20 Coins per order

Rock of Gibraltar - £5 Circulating Coin

The Government is delighted that Her Majesty the Queen has approved Her description in the coin as “Queen of Gibraltar”. This is the first time that the Palace has approved of the description of Her Majesty in such coinage as “Queen of” the issuing country in her Realm.

One side of the £5 coin depicts the effigy of Her Majesty with the words “Elizabeth II Queen of Gibraltar” and the year. The other side depicts the Rock of Gibraltar with the word “Gibraltar” above it and the words “five pounds” below it.

Denomination: Five Pounds
Diameter: 32mm
Weight: 11.7gms
Type of Metal: Alpaca
Fineness: 70Cu/28Zn/2Ni
Maximum 20 Coins per order

The Treaty Of Utrecht - £3 Circulating Coin

A £3 circulating coin commemorating the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Utrecht was issued by H.M. Government of Gibraltar in 2013. The coin is made from a metal alloy called Alpaca which contains a combination of copper, zinc and nickel.

A design featuring the map of Western Europe with a representation of the Treaty of Utrecht document on the right and the Coat of Arms of the Province of Utrecht to the left is depicted on the reverse. The words ‘300th Anniversary of the Treaty of Utrecht’, ‘1713’, ‘Gibraltar British Forever’ and the value of the coin are also featured on the reverse.

The Treaty of Utrecht was signed as part of the settlement in the War of the Spanish Succession in the Dutch city of Utrecht in March and April 1713. The Treaty was agreed on by several European states, including Spain, Great Britain, France, Portugal, Savoy and the Dutch Republic.

In the Treaty, Spain ceded to Great Britain ‘the full and entire propriety of the town and castle of Gibraltar, together with the port, fortifications and forts thereunto belonging ... for ever, without any exception or impediment whatsoever’.

Denomination: Three Pounds
Diameter: 32mm
Weight: 12gms
Type of Metal: Alpaca
Maximum 20 Coins per order

Gold Coin - 70 ECUs

To reflect Gibraltar’s long standing history with money, the first Gold ECU in almost two hundred years, intended for general circulation, was issued by H.M. Government of Gibraltar. A traditional design was used for the ECU where the coin depicts a mounted knight in full armour bearing an heraldic shield. Surrounding the knight are twelve stars which, at the time, represented each nation in the European Community at the time of issue. A thirteenth star appears on the knight's shield representing Gibraltar, as an EC member by virtue of it’s connection with the UK.

Denomination: Fifty Pound / 70 ECUs
Diameter: 22mm
Weight: 6.22gms
Type of Metal: Gold
Fineness : Unc 12ct Gold
Only sold in sets of 20 coins - Maximum 1 set per order

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